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Veronica Panov - An Immigration Lawyer

Attorney Veronica Panov opened her own legal practice with one goal in mind: to become your "attorney for life" through diligent and professional representation of all your interests. Born and raised in Republic of Moldova, she speaks fluent Russian, Romanian and German. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Michigan State University and received her law degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

Panov Law Firm

Immigration Law

The Sunnyvale immigration attorneys at Panov Law, are dedicated to providing all of our immigration clients with competent and quality legal representation in all areas of immigration law, including Removal Defense, Family-Based Residency, Employment-Based immigration, Naturalization cases, and more.

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Panov Law Firm

Practice Areas Law

Our multilingual attorneys and staff are ready to take on national and international cases in the following practice areas: Immigration law, Business Opening, International Transactions, Escrow Account Services. Our team, led by Veronica Panov, handles difficult and complex cases.

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Panov Law Firm

Attorney Paymaster Services

We are pleased to announce paymaster services via Law Offices of Veronica Panov P.A. A paymaster is usually an attorney or a law firm that allows clients to transfer money to the attorney’s client trust account, known as an IOLTA account.

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Panov Law Firm

Law Firm

Law Offices of Veronica Panov P.A. provides legal services in the field of U.S. immigration, business and international transactions. Our goals are to provide our clients with highly effective and professional service, and to help them achieve the results they seek in a timely manner.

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Our Resources

Legal issues do not usually resolve themselves without intervention. Many people would strongly benefit from the services of a law firm that is reputable, professional and experienced. Law Offices of Veronica Panov, P.A.., in California, is just such a firm.

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About Us

Veronica Panov

She practices law for over a decade and has always used an effective and holistic approach when dealing with clients' legal issues transforming their problems into solutions with positive results.
Located in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Law Office of Veronica Panov can represent you no matter where you are.