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About Us

Attorney Veronica Panov opened her own legal practice with one goal in mind: to become your "attorney for life" through diligent and professional representation of all your interests. Located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, the Law Office of Veronica Panov can represent you no matter where you are.
Law Offices of Veronica Panov P.A. provides legal services in the field of U.S. immigration, business, real estate and family law.  
Our goals are to provide our clients with highly effective and professional service, and to help them achieve the results they seek with in a timely manner.
Legal issues do not usually resolve themselves without intervention. Many people would strongly benefit from the services of a law firm that is reputable, professional and experienced. Law Offices of Veronica Panov, P.A.., in Florida, is just such a
firm. From immigration issues to choosing a form of business and buying real estate, we can help you with your various concerns.
At Law Offices of Veronica Panov, P.A., we have the thorough knowledge and deep understanding that only years of focused work can provide. Our team, led by Veronica Panov,  handles difficult and complex cases. 

Attorney Profile


     Veronica Panov

     Attorney at Law